Trauma (PTSD)


Treatment for trauma (including PTSD)

Psychological trauma can happen after an event where you feel your life has been in danger, perhaps an accident or an assault, or as a result of constantly living with a deeply stressful situation.

Those suffering from trauma might have panic attacks, extreme anxiety or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For many, this might cause flashbacks, nightmares, anger and depression. For some, the symptoms may not be so obvious, but they might experience low self-esteem or relationship difficulties.

Untreated, PTSD can lead to violence, substance abuse (including alcohol), unemployment, family issues and possibly suicide.

What can cause trauma and PTSD?

While PTSD is better known as being associated with those who have seen active service with the military, this and other forms of debilitating psychological trauma can occur after a variety of scenarios:
• Personal injury, through accidents or assaults
• Witnessing a traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, accident or violent crime
• Going through a life-threatening medical condition or surgery
• Seeing someone you care for going through a traumatic experience themselves

The common feelings throughout all these situations are that the individual is threatened, and believes they are not in control.

With human givens therapy, you do not have to sit and recount the traumatic experience (unless you want to). Instead, we use “toolbox” of therapeutic interventions and methods to de-arouse your perception of the event.

The treatment is less intrusive and takes much less time than other therapies.

Ask how human givens therapy helps with trauma

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I offer counselling and trauma treatment free of charge to armed forces veterans through the National Charity PTSD Resolution ( So, please, if you know any ex-service personnel, TA personnel or service families who may benefit, do not hesitate to contact me in the strictest confidence.