Anger counselling with human givens therapy

Anger is the result of aroused emotions as the mind focusses on a potential threat of some sort. Your body is getting ready to enter run or fight mode.
It is a primal state; a more primitive state of mind and it can be quite addictive in some people.

While being potentially dangerous and unpleasant for family and friends, the long-term damage of anger difficulties to the individual can include life-shortening cardio-vascular complications. It might also trigger further emotional difficulties such as depression.

Anger can manifest in the home, at work or school with young people.

How human givens therapy will help

A human givens counsellor will soon identify what is causing the angry behaviour. We all get angry about things on occasion, but for some people, a particular event may need de-traumatising, or an element in their life needs re-interpreting in some way. Anger or rage episodes can be distressing and dangerous.

Human givens psychotherapy will help an individual to manage their emotional state, rehearsing staying calm in situations that might previously have triggered an anger episode.

The client will be taught to become generally calmer by understanding how to attend to their unmet emotional needs. The balance of our emotional needs and being equipped with the tools to meet them is paramount.
Human givens therapy is scientifically proven to achieve fast and effective results that last.

Clients are treated in confidence and with empathy.

Take the first step towards resolving anger episodes

Human givens therapy provides fast and long-lasting treatment for anger-related difficulties. You can take the first step towards releasing yourself from the distress of anger by contacting Deborah Potts Counselling today.

You’ll soon be feeling calmer and be in better control of your emotions and your life.