mental health

Where are you based?

In Chelmondiston on the Shotley Peninsula (five miles outside Ipswich), where I offer you a discreet, calm and confidential place at my home. On-site parking is available.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone's situation is different, but I aim to take the fewest sessions possible, and you can expect improvements from the first session. People rarely need more than six sessions to make significant progress. Often as few as three or four are necessary.

You will only ever book one session in advance, meaning you’ll only have the number of sessions you need.

Research and evidence

How soon can you see me?

I can usually book in your first session within ten days of your first email or phone call.

How long is each session?

The first session is for 90 minutes and following sessions 60 minutes. However, sessions will be longer if needed.

How much does each session cost?

I charge my time at £50 per session or £60 for a home visit (depending on distance) plus fuel at 45p per mile.  However, a client who cannot genuinely afford to pay this amount can negotiate.