Human givens therapy and addictions

Addictions can have far-reaching consequences on our lives and those around us. Being addicted to cigarettes and alcohol (or any drugs for that matter) can affect our health, finances and our social behaviour. Then there’s addiction to gambling, sex… the list goes on.

The truth is addiction can spread to any form of “pleasurable” activity, including less obvious behaviours like surfing the internet and eating certain foods.

At its core, the problem is that the release of pleasurable chemicals in the brain make you believe life would be unbearable without the addictive activity.

Why is an addiction so hard to tackle?

Human givens teach us that in life we all have needs and we’re given the resources to meet them. While we all take pleasure from certain activities, addictions take hold on some people because their needs are not being met.
The addicted person lives for the “rush” and can see no other way to get through the day.

Human givens therapy uses a variety of scientifically-backed methods to help balance the individual’s emotional needs with the inbuilt tools we have to meet them.

In essence, you’ll be guided away from addictive behaviour by gaining insight into how our reward mechanisms work, and how you can live day-to-day receiving natural life rewards that make addictive activities less attractive.

A human givens counsellor will help those with compulsive behaviours to meet their real emotional needs while avoiding the danger of addictive substances or activities.

Tackle your addictive behaviour today

Difficulties with addiction can have devastating consequences for you and your friends and family. Those harsh and dangerous effects will only get worse over time.

Begin your path to kicking the addiction and leading your life to the full again by contacting Deborah Potts Counselling today.