Depression can be a normal response to a difficult situation in your life, leading to a depressed mood, lack of interest and pleasure, feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, and a loss of energy, sleep, appetite and concentration.

The condition might be mild or severe, but in any form, it’s different to simply feeling down or sad. We all feel unhappy every now and again, but depression is intense and won’t budge. It’s the black cloud that follows you around everywhere.

While your doctor might prescribe you anti-depressant tablets, this only papers over the cracks because it doesn’t get to the cause of your depression.

Human givens therapy quickly establishes what emotional or physical needs you’re missing and shows you how to redress the balance.

It empowers you to focus on meeting your emotional needs, giving you the knowledge to stop worrying, sleep better, prevent brain exhaustion and rebuild your energy and self-confidence.

What can cause depression?

The condition might be sparked by a major event like physical illness such as cancer or heart disease, bereavement, financial problems or unemployment, or it might go back to childhood experiences or relationship complications.

Perhaps it’s not immediately obvious to you what has caused your depression, or you might be reluctant to admit you’re even suffering from it, but human givens therapy will guide you into identifying which essential emotional or physical need you’re missing, which is the catalyst to your condition.

With an area or areas pinpointed, treatment will guide you into getting your body and mind back in balance.

Importantly, human givens treatment will not dwell on your past; rather it will swiftly identify an area to work on and teach you how to address it.

Ready to take the first step?

Depression is not only debilitating for you, but it also affects your family, friends and work colleagues. Take your first important step to wellness now by getting in touch to learn more about how Deborah Potts Counselling can help you.