mental health


"My stable life suddenly began to fall apart following attending an unimaginable horrific incident. I was diagnosed with PTSD.  I experienced flashbacks, was sleep deprived and had regular anger outbursts for no reason, this all combined with crippling anxiety attacks. I was referred to Debs who made time to see me immediately and fully supported me throughout the whole process.

"I received rewind therapy which helped to break the emotional link and taught techniques to gain control over the symptoms I was experiencing.  I am now back at work and coping well. I can't thank Debs enough. She's an amazing lady!"


"I highly recommend Debs as an outstanding Counsellor, her friendly, warm personality combined with her extensive knowledge and experience have been vital in enabling me to turn my life around, following extensive  periods of anxiety and depression that have affected me for 20+ years.

"The 'rewind' technique allowed me to move past traumas and finally look forward to a positive,  bright future.


"Deb, I really can't thank you enough for what you have helped me through. I came to you asking for a miracle and you gave me exactly that.

"I will forever be grateful and can now live a happy life without my horrible past stopping me. Thank you for everything!"

(text message)


"Deb, I have gained a lot more strength through seeing you. You wouldn't believe how good you have been for me.  You will never know how meeting you and your help and support has saved my sanity.  Again, thank you so much."

(Text message from mother escaping domestic abuse after 20 years)


"Debs was so warm and compassionate. She reassured my teenage daughter that she would be able to help her, following a traumatic accident and she did!  Within two sessions we were able to see the difference Debs had made.  The "rewind" session was life changing for my daughter and has allowed her to carry on living once more,  I highly recommend Debs. 


"I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression which was triggered by a major event in my life that I struggled to come to terms with.  The 'Givens' approach and therapy helped me to "get a grip" and to remember the positives and the joys in my life.

"Deb is calm,  warm and very easy to talk to.  I found meditation (guided imagery) particularly therapeutic and strengthening as I rebuilt a healthy perspective and started to take control of my life once more. I highly recommend her to everyone!  Thank you Deb!


"I was experiencing anger issues which was affecting everything I did, but more concerning was the impact it was having on my family. 

"Fortunately I was able to find Debs on BARK, and with her approachable,  calming and professional manner I have been able to start getting my life back on track by understanding and dealing with my issues


"I've been seeing Debs for a mild anger issue which was becoming more frequent and causing concern and strain to both myself and my relationship/family.  Once I finally decided to seek help, I found Debs through BARK and felt better speaking to her even our initial chat on the phone. 

"Whilst I cannot truly say I don't get angry anymore, Debs has helped me to understand what triggers this behaviour and has taught me techniques to deal with it that I can use in my day-to-day life of having a high pressured job and a very young family. 

"I am so pleased to have met Debs and know where she is if/when I need her in the future, the kettle will be on and she'll welcome me into her beautiful home to talk about whatever is causing me concern - thank you Debs.


"Me and my partner both had counselling with Debs for anxiety and depression,  and in such a short space of time she got us feeling so positive and motivated which is something I personally hadn't felt in a long time.

"We both had the 'Rewind' therapy, which completely changed our outlook on life and how we deal with everyday problems and challenges.  I honestly couldn't recommend Debs more.

"Both myself and my daughter have had counselling with Debs. Her warmth and caring nature is apparent from the first minute of meeting.  She has been a tower of strength to our family during a difficult time and really knows her stuff. We have been able to move forward with her help. 

"I would describe Debs as a human angel not just a human givens. I couldn't possibly rate her any higher. She is lovely.

"Debs has helped me with my sleeping difficulties caused by anxiety.  She has a calming influence and professional approach to her work. I would highly recommend Debs to anyone.  The breathing exercises she taught me have been invaluable.They are easy to do and work every time.  Thank you Deb.

"I saw Deborah for anxiety and relationship issues. She taught me some coping mechanisms and enabled me to work through and unscramble some of my thoughts. Deborah has a very kind and reassuring demeanour and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or see her again. 

"Deborah gave me lots of support and techniques to use to help me reduce my anxiety and stress.  I found these techniques really positive.  Deborah put me at ease with her kind, caring compassion towards my personal situation, she really understood me. I would highly recommend her, such a lovely lady. 


"I went to see Debs for a number of things, she told me I would feel better after my first session and she was right! I left feeling positive and with some ideas of how to help me in situations in the future.  She is such a warm, gentle person and I felt comfortable opening up to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling low or stressed. 


"I went to see Deborah recently and within a few sessions she helped me more than other methods and a counsellor I had tried for the last three years. She has a calm and relaxing manner that makes you feel as ease the minute you walk in.  I would recommend Deborah to anyone. 

"Deborah enabled me to work through my issues, professionally and intently. Highly recommended.

"Deb's warm and caring approach put me at ease, enabling me to relax completely,  teaching me valuable skills to ease my anxiety.

"Recently my life suffered a big change with a divorce and an abusive partner. The anxiety and stress sometimes makes easy things difficult.  Deborah was able to give me the tools and taught me breathing techniques and since the session I am coping much better with anxiety.

"I can't thank her enough, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is having mental health difficulties.

“I had been experiencing a very difficult time in my life and was suffering from stress exhaustion. I turned to Deb to see if she could help relieve the high levels of anxiety that I was experiencing on a daily basis.

“Her warm and caring approach put me at ease immediately, ensuring that I was comfortable with the therapy before she started.

“The guided imagery relaxation she used calmed my mind and body straight away, transporting me to the most beautiful and relaxing environment where I could feel safe.

“I have been able to practice this technique to help me de-stress quickly in difficult situations, and I would highly recommend this therapy to everyone who needs to reduce their stress levels.”

“Deborah is a lovely, down-to-earth therapist. She helped me kick a sugar addiction that was damaging my health. Deborah listened and understood what I needed. She has a great sense of humour, and this made my session both relaxing and fun. Thank you!”

"Deborah is a very kind and good listener and has helped tremendously. I strongly recommend her.

“I’ve got nothing but good things to say about how Debs has helped me in my therapy sessions. I was able to talk about my difficulties and gained a lot of confidence within myself with advice about how to face things positively.

“The guided imagery helped me to relax my mind as well as my body. It helped take me away from my negative thoughts and to a calmer, quieter place such as a beach or a forest. I will recommend Debs to anyone in need of help and guidance.”


"Deborah is very understanding and kind.   I would recommend her to anyone suffering with stress, low self-esteem or anxiety.

“As a full-time carer for my elderly parents, I had reached a point where I could not cope with my situation any more. Thankfully, Deb was recommended to me.

“I went to see her, and straight away she put me at ease. Deb used guided imagery, an incredibly powerful technique to make me feel calm and relaxed. She taught me effective strategies to manage my stress and anxieties.

“The result was that my sleep improved and I began to feel so much better and able to cope with my situation. I am grateful to Deb for all her help and endless support through such a difficult time.”

“Very caring, great listener, makes you feel comfortable and would highly recommend to anyone!”