I'm not sure what's wrong, can you help?


For many people, they instinctively know which condition they are suffering from, be it anxiety, depression, obsessive behaviour or trauma. They can see I offer treatment for these and, therefore, a path to recovery.

However, others know something is up, but can’t describe it or put it down to any one thing. They may feel upset but not be sure why. Perhaps they may have an inkling but can’t quite put the jigsaw pieces together to see the bigger picture.

If this is how you feel, you might put it down to your experiences from the normal stress of everyday life.

However, if you’ve been like this for a while, believe it’s beginning to affect your day-to-day life, and perhaps triggering unhealthy reactions, then please do consider talking to me.

I understand it might be difficult to open up about difficulties in your life, but your mental health is paramount. Mental health issues are treatable – and I can guide you understand more about what’s causing your condition, then use human givens techniques to help you recover.

If you’re worried about coming to me, please do speak to someone close to you first. In many cases, simply being able to talk and offload will help you. By talking openly with someone you trust and respect might then help you decide to get in touch with a counsellor, should you elect that treatment is the way forward.

Contact me for a confidential and sympathetic assessment

I work with people like you all the time, so you can feel at ease that I’m here to help. Please contact me in the first instance to discuss your circumstances.